Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics centre

Shallow Water Towing Tank

Dimensions: Other parameters:
Length - 200m
Width - 16m
Depth - up to 1.5m
Max. carriage speed - 6 m/s
Ship models
Max. length - (4 - 18m)
Max. weight - up to 12t
Shallow Water Towing tank


  • Unit for resistance and propulsion tests in calm water, type UB - 5M
  • Unit for effective model wake field investigations, type M1115
  • Large Amplitude Horizontal Planar Motion Mechanism
  • Steering gears ยท Set of force dynamometers
  • Open water propeller dynamometers, type H49/H29
  • Dynamometer for measuring of propeller thrust
  • and torque fluctuations in non-uniform wake field, type PCM001
  • Propeller dynamometers for ship models
  • Standard electronic instrumentation
  • (counters, recorders digital voltmeters, oscilloscopes, etc.)
Shallow Water Tank Towing Tank