Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics centre

Seakeeping and Manoeuvring Basin

Dimensions: Other parameters:
Length - 64m
Width - 40m
Depth - up to 2.5m
  • Wave maker - regular and irregular waves
  • Wave length - up to 10m
  • Wave height - up to 0.4m
  • Spectrum form - optional
  • Ship models
  • Max. length - 4m
Seakeeping and Manoeuvring Basin


  • Model tracking system - ultrasonic computerized
  • Capacity wire probes for wave measurement
  • 6-DoF inertial navigation system for motions measurements
  • 6-DoF potentiometric balance for fixed model motions
  • Remote radio-control system ยท 32-channel analogue telemetry system
  • Propeller revolutions control system
  • Autopilot system
  • Steering gears
  • Rate gyroes, course gyro
  • Set of force dynamometers
  • Electric drive motors
  • Set of propeller dynamometers
  • Set of pressure transducers
  • Standard electronic devices
  • (counters, recorders, digital voltmeters, oscilloscopes, etc.)
  • 6-DOF Motion measurement system (MOTAN 6A)
  • Ultrasonic system for free running model centre of gravity coordinate measurements
  • PC Network for measurements and control of the tests in seakeeping - manoeuvring basin
Manouvering Basin Seakeeping