Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics centre

Experimental Facilities, Investigation Methods and Apparatuses

The Centre has at its disposal the following experimental facilities, used for carrying out wide spectrum standard and specialized investigations in the fields of the ship and industrial hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, river and coastal hydraulics.

In the Centre are developed and applied contemporary experimental procedures for model investigations of the ship powering performance, the ship manoeuvrability and the behavior of ship and marine engineering structures in calm water and waves, of the hydrodynamic processes and of the wave impact on engineering structures in the coastal zone, of the hydrodynamic and elastic behaviour of floating fish farms.

In the Centre are used contemporary methods for flows visualization, pressures/forces measurements on bodies in flow, CAD/CAM systems, including VISI (R) Rhinoceros (NURBS Modeling for Windows) for design/manufacture of complicated 3D ship models, screw propellers models, etc.

The Centre has at its disposal high level software for CDF analyses, licensed programme systems for preliminary ship design; for analysis of the hydrodynamic characteristics of ships and sea structures; for generation of synthetic 3D pictures of the navigation environment and for simulation of the dynamics of sea objects in real navigation conditions; for modeling of waves, currents and sediments in rivers, river mouths, coastal bays and seas; for simulation of high water levels and floods.