Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics centre

Scientific Investigations and Fields of Applying

Scientific Investigations

  • Hydro- and aerodynamic design optimization of sea/river transport vehicles, drilling platforms, engineering structures for ocean resources utilization;
  • Simulation investigations of ship qualities in operational conditions through simulation systems;
  • Research of risk phenomena and incidents of national/regional importance -floods in the Bulgarian part of Danube river, crashes/disasters of ships at sea and rivers; development and implementation of Emergency Response Systems (ERS) for reaction in emergency situations;
  • Research of effectiveness of the sea/river transports, including development and implementation of intermodal transport schemes along the Rein-Main-Danube water route, as well as creation on the Centre territory a simulator for training in navigation of pushed barges trains on the European inner water routes;
  • Model investigations of the hydro- and aerodynamic effectiveness of engineering structures for energy obtaining from renewable energy sources;
  • Sustainable development of the national economy and the society and environmental protection – research of the risk factors in the ship navigation; development and implementation of systems, ensuring fuel saving at ship navigation in waves/winds conditions, aerodynamic investigations of the noise/exhaust gases, generated by transport vehicles; aerodynamic investigations of the air streamlining of buildings, structures and facilities;
  • Activities, connected with the national security and defense – design and investigations of terroristic actions averting devices in Bulgarian sea/rivers waters; creation of devices for virtual reality; cooperative, with Navies of NATO members, investigations of the hydrodynamics parameters/qualities of high speed navy ships at navigation in extreme conditions.

Fields of Applying

  • Ship hydro- and aerodynamics; design and optimization of ship hull forms/propellers; development of ship information systems;
  • Water transport and ship navigation simulators;
  • Ocean and coastal engineering;
  • Marine industry;
  • Environment protection.