Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics centre

Offered Services - BSHC

Investigations in the field of the Ship Powering Performance:

  • Resistance and self-propulsion model tests;
  • Flow measurements and visualization;
  • Model tests of the ship propellers hydrodynamic characteristics;
  • Computer aided analysis and design of optimum propellers;
  • Powering performance prediction analysis and improvement.

Investigations in the field of Ship Dynamics and Ocean Engineering:

  • Designing of ships taking into account the real exploitation conditions;
  • Theoretical and experimental evaluations on ship and offshore dynamics;
  • Measuring of the mooring and drift forces;
  • Evaluations of the dynamics of arbitrary forms floating bodies;
  • Analyses of the stability of floating bodies;
  • Analyses of the dynamics of small boats;
  • Theoretical and experimental prediction of ship manoeuvring qualities;
  • Full scale trials and onboard control;
  • Simulations of the dynamics of marine objects for staff training.

Investigations in the field of Aerodynamics of bodies, engineering structures and technical objects.

Model investigations of Fish-Breeding Facilities.

Analyses and assessments of the Water Transport effectiveness.

Experimental investigations in the field of the Coastal Engineering:

  • Lay-out planning of Harbour & Coastal Engineering Structures;
  • Coastal Hydraulics, spreading and transformation of wind generated waves;
  • Sediment processes, beach and seabed dynamics;
  • Wave loads on Harbour & Coastal Engineering Structures;
  • Spreading of pollutants in the coastal waters.

Analyses and assessments using specialized Marine Engineering Software:

  • For geometrical data processing;
  • For decision of specific tasks in the field of the numerical hydrodynamics;
  • For decision of specific tasks in the field of the ships/floating objects dynamics;
  • For experimental data acquisition and processing.

Models manufacture:

  • Ship models, unconventional floating units models;
  • Models of propellers, ducts, rudders, fins, appendages.

Experimental equipment development and manufacture.


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