Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics centre

Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre (BSHC)

National research and development Centre

BSHC main building

Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre (BSHC) - Varna has been established in 1976 with the financial and expert support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as a scientific research and experimental center in the field of hydrodynamics of ships, floating structures and marine-based facilities.

Since 2010, by decision of the BAS General Assembly, BSHC has been transformed as a detached research unit with preserved scope of activities within the frames of the Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies "Acad. A. Balevsky" at Bulgarian Academy of Science.

BSHC Mission

BSHC performs wide spectrum of fundamental and applied research in the fields of ship hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, water transport and energy saving, ocean engineering, sea and river crises and disasters, marine ecology and coastal protection, facilities for fisheries and aquacultures, marine renewable energy sources, technology transfer, national security and defense. In cooperation with National High Schools and Universities, the Centre performs also training of students, cadets, PhD students, post-graduate students and trainees in the fields of its competence.

BSHC Presentation

Scientific and applied research services offered by BSHC are highly recognized and frequently demanded by maritime stakeholders all over the world.The Centre operates in the cherished environment of broad national and international cooperation and represents the Republic of Bulgaria in a number of international organizations and projects relevant to its scope of activities.

Thirteenth International Conference on Marine Sciences and Technologies Black Sea '2016

October 10th - 15th, 2016
Festival and Congress Centre - Varna, Bulgaria

Scientific and Technical Unions Varna Branch and Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre at the Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technology - BAS have the privilege to invite you to attend the Thirteenth International Conference on Marine Sciences and Technologies Black Sea '2016, dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of BSHC read more ...      Program BSHC Jubilee Session

Proceedings BSHC Jubilee Session 2016

BSHC ISO Certificate

BSHC operates under the terms of ISO 9001:2015 conformed Quality Management System certified by SGS Company. Standard ITTC recommended procedures are fully adopted and followed.

Bshc Nato Award

BSHC partnership in several NATO research working groups has been highly estimated by authorities.