Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics centre

Applied Development

The scientific- applied investigations and the technological tasks of the Centre are focused in the following directions:

  • Virtual modeling of the hydrodynamics of floating and moored sea objects as well as of the processes in river and in sea coastal zone, mainly using licenced specialized programme products;
  • Investigation by physical modeling, and optimization of the hydrodynamic qualities of contemporary sea transport units, including twin/triple hulls ships, specialized research ships, technical devices for utilization of the ocean sources energy, etc.;
  • Hydrodynamic optimization of the powering performance of yachts and sailing ships;
  • Evaluation of the influence of the limited fairway on the hydrodynamic characteristics of ships/trains, navigating on inner waterway routes, including Danube river;
  • Physical modeling and evaluating of the aerodynamic characteristics of bodies, objects, engineering structures;
  • Updating of the experimental procedures for carrying out model hydrodynamic investigations and scientific experiment quality analysis in accordance with the International Towing Tanks Conference (ITTC) requirements;
  • Reconstruction and modernization of experimental facilities (shallow water towing tank; wind tunnel; seakeeping and manoeuvring basin) as well of technical equipment, introducing of new experimental devices, updating of the machine park;
  • Creation of prototype of river navigation simulator;
  • Unification of the automated measuring systems and of the software, applied in the Centre experimental facilities as well as of the data acquisition and processing methods and methods for control of the experiments.

The future development of the Centre research infrastructure envisages:

  • Additional equipping of the Seakeeping and Manoeuvring Basin and transforming it in Ocean Basin with new deep water mooring testing site;
  • Modernization of the Coastal Hydraulic Channel;
  • On the base of the existing Shallow Water Towing Tank creation of Shallow Water Research Laboratory with much more effective and rich spectrum of investigation possibilities;
  • Creation of Laboratory for Renewable Marine Energy Sources – for performing model investigations of the effectiveness of devices for energy extraction from WWC (wind/waves/currents);
  • Creation of high performance Computing Centre, including Computer Cluster and Inland Navigation Simulator;
  • Creation of Training and Seminar Centre.